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Our Vacation to Williamsburg
By Katherine L.

     We went on a vacation to Williamsburg, VA.  We left on September 11, 1998.  Everyone was excited.  Elisabeth couldn’t wait to go in the tunnel bridge.  Finally, we were at Williamsburg.
     The first stop was Busch Gardens.  We went on a lot of rides.  Of them all Daddy’s favorite was the “Log Flume.”  Mommy couldn’t go on very many because she is expecting a baby.  Of the few she went on, her favorite ride was “the cable cars.”  Katherine liked “Le Mans Raceway.”  Elisabeth’s favorites were the “Log Flume”, the “cable cars” and “Le Mans Raceway.”  Teresa’s were “the bumper cars” and “the Log Flume.”  Mary Claire had fun on “the kiddie boats.”  We had a great time at Busch Gardens.
     On Saturday we were in Colonial Williamsburg.  In the morning we went to the 18th century games.  Our favorite games were “hoop and stick,”  “Huckle, Buckle, Beanstalk,” and “the alphabet puzzle.”  That afternoon we went to a dancing lesson.  Afterwards, we went to listen to Martha Washington.  That night at 5 p.m. we went to “Virginia Declares Independence from England.”  It was May 15, 1776. (In Colonial Williamsburg every day is a special day in Colonial Virginia’s history.)  There were fifes and drums and the soldiers fired their guns.
     On Sunday morning, we went to The Governor’s Palace.  It was very big.  Like all houses in Colonial times, it was symmetrical.  There were lots of guns and swords on the walls.  Many of the bedrooms were painted in a  pale green.  That afternoon we went to a home health thing.  For supper we ate at “The Kings Arms Tavern.”  We all ate chicken with grapesauce.  It was very good.  Afterward we went on a “Lanthorn Tour.”  Everybody in our group took turns carrying the lanterns.  We toured many trade shops in town.  They included the book maker’s, the silversmith, and the wig shop.  We had a good time.
     On Monday we went to Jamestown.  When we got there we watched a movie about Jamestown.  Then we looked at the Indian exhibit.  After that we looked at exact models of two of the ships.  Then we went inside the fort.  We went inside the church.  The house of Burgesses first met inside it.
     We had a very good time in Williamsburg.  We all enjoyed it.  We hope we can go back.

The Baby Sea Turtle
By Elisabeth L.

   We went to the aquarium.  My favorite animal was the sea turtle.  It was a baby.  It was a cute baby.

The End