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by S. DiPiero

We have a collection of the LampLighter Books in the children's library section at the public library in New Bern on Johnson St. They were purchased at significant expense by home-schoolers for home-schoolers, and have been made available for all to enjoy. This series covers a broad variety of topics and ages, from Teddy's Button for the younger children to The Lamplighter for teens. These books are rich literature recovered mostly from the 1800's by Mark Hamby's organization (a popular speaker at homeschool conferences). You may locate these books in the special collections section (like Arthur books, Boxcar Children, Hardy Boys, etc.), under LampLighters Rare Book Collection.

This collection of books is particularly good for reading aloud as a family. The rich vocabulary may be challenging in some of the books for older children, but the content of these stories are well worth the effort and build moral character as well as academic skill.

In Teddy's Button, a young boy struggles with loving his neighbor as himself when he meets a girl who contests his story about his button from his father's uniform. 

A Puzzling Pair is a stirring story about some rambunctious twins who get into all manners of mischief and yet are consumed with the idea of Jesus returning.

Buried in the Snow is for teens and deals with a young man and his grandfather trapped in the Alps by the early onset of winter snows.

The Kingdom Series is an allegory of the Christian walk out of darkness and into the light and these books, though not from the 1800's, contain a lot of spiritual content and are geared toward mature pre-teens and early teens.

The Lamplighter is about a young orphan girl who is taken in by a kindly lamp-lighter who not only takes care of her but teachers her about God's provision. This is excellent for teen girls to read themselves, though the type is quite small and the vocabulary is fairly rigorous.

The White Dove, Stick to the Raft, The Golden Thread and many others are all waiting for you and yours. If you try one and don't really enjoy it, try a different book by a different author. Stick with it because there is spiritual gold to be mined from these books.