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Heart and Home Educators Guiding Principles of Operation

  • Ideas are evaluated based on their merit, not on who offered them.
  • The "group" belongs to all who embrace it, not to a board or individual.
  • What most homeschoolers need is a "family" in which to belong. If we, as individuals, give with a right spirit when we see a need, in the long run, we will reap more than we sow.
  • On some very important items, we can accomplish much more by working together than we can by working as individuals.
  • All "activities" (e.g. field trips) to be undertaken must be more value-adding than the "lost schooling and energy" caused by the activity.
  • We must vigorously protect our right to home educate our children.
  • We should hold ourselves accountable to act only in ways that are above reproach.
  • If the "product" is good enough, unique enough, stays around long enough, people will eventually buy it.