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I Want to be an Astronaut
By Desiree S.

        Do you think an astronaut goes into space without training?  I thought they did, but I was wrong.  Astronauts have about one year of training.  If you want to be an astronaut I would start training at twelve years old.  I would look at the stars and planets.  I would buy a telescope and books.  Then I could study the stars and planets.
        Astronauts need special equipment in space. They used to have food that hooked to their spacesuits, however there was a problem with this design.  As astronaut once bumped his knee on a counter.  Spaghetti squirted in his face!  He couldnít even itch his nose because his helmet was on!  Now they have food which they can eat from a tray.  There is zero gravity in the space shuttle.  Because of this the astronautís food floats!  The astronauts like to play around with their food.  It takes practice to eat in space.  I would like to see what it would be like to be an astronaut.  Here is another question.  What does it feel like when the space shuttleís engine starts?  I will tell you that when I go in space.

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Serving Americare
By Danielle S.

       My family and I go to this rest home called Americare.  Itís a really nice place to go when youíre older.  It has a cafeteria, beauty parlor, and an activity center.  If you  wanted to live there you would share a kitchenette and living area with about three or four residents. 
      We serve Americare by putting on puppet shows, singing along to tapes, and sometimes we put on a show-and-tell act.  The puppets seems to be the most exciting to them.  We have a horse and two lamb puppets that we dress-up.  The puppets sing to a song and talk a little.
      For show-and-tell, Dana, my younger sister, showed everyone her marbles.  The residents taught her some of the names of the marbles.  Desiree, my other younger sister, played her guitar for the people.  I showed my horse saddle to the audience.  It didnít go too well.  I was okay until I noticed that the residents were sleeping.  (Just warning you not to show a horse saddle.) 
       I have lots of things to show to the Americare residents, but what I really think would be a big hit is our forty-nine year old beagle Sarge.  He would do anything, in front of anybody, as long as you have food.  Some of the tricks he performs are dancing, shaking, rolling over, sitting and staying, balancing food on his nose, and jumping over high jumps.
      I used to resent the days I had to go to Americare, because I was scared.  I was scared of the sick residents mostly.  However, as I do it more often, I begin to realize that thereís a person inside that body.  A living soul with a mind of its own.  I try to look farther than the sickly figures.  Look farther and see a person with personality.
      Iím really looking forward to going back there again so I can serve the residents and our Lord Jesus Christ!